Our Story

We got into this business 20 years ago because we believed if we just used the best ingredients in our pound cake, we couldn’t go wrong. We believed there was no substitute for butter or fresh eggs. We wondered why anyone would substitute them in the first place. So we started our own bakery.

There was no instruction manual on how to start a bakery. So Lyn began baking, turning the apartment kitchen into a test kitchen—testing and retesting recipes until they were just right. Dave scoured the market for used mixers, racks, ovens, pans, refrigeration. After a year of experimenting, Sweet Sam’s signature recipes were born.

With the best baked goods made of the best ingredients, we took the plunge. We bought an old embroidery shop in the West Farms area of the Bronx and converted it into a 4,000 square foot bakery. Lyn continued refining the recipes. David canvassed the streets of New York City handing out samples, trying to drum up interest. Our first head baker, Charlie, baked only half the week. The rest of the week, he was our delivery guy.

Orders started coming in, and soon Charlie couldn’t keep up with the baking and the delivering. That’s when the Rosales brothers, German and Gustavo, came in to lend a hand. Suddenly, with our team taking shape, we had the makings of something big.

Twenty years later, we’ve moved into our third facility, an 80,000 square foot modern bakery. We’ve incorporated the best aspects of traditional baking equipment with the enhanced safety and efficiency of modern equipment.

While many things have changed, we still work with many of our original team, still pride ourselves in using the best real ingredients, still make the cake that millions of people throughout the US continue to enjoy.

All Natural Ingredients